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1010 North Cole Road, Boise Idaho 83704

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Beau Monde Spa in Boise, Idaho is the exclusive destination for exceptional looking you.


At Beau Monde Full Service Salon & Spa you will find yourself encompassed in a comfortable & relaxing atmosphere.

Our Stylists and Spa professionals are highly trained to bring their clients the latest styles, treatments and services.


Now more than ever, skin care and the preservation of youthfulness is a necessity and not an option. Ever changing factors such as climate, stress, hormones and medication adversely affect our skin, hair and nails on a daily basis.


As Skin Care Therapist, Stylists and Nail Technicians we can assist you with your skin care and body care needs, to acheive the goal of a more healthy and youthful appearance.


With a variety of innovative custom skin care, body treatments and hair and nail services, we can help rejuvenate, revitalize and restore your appearance to its naturally radiant state.